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BoNeZz: If you are comparing the crypto speeds of 5.8.5 vs 7.5.9 there are two huge differences. 5.8.5 up to 7.3.3 used the MS encryption library and were limited to 128bit algorithms. 7.4+ uses OpenSSL and has support for 256bit ciphers and a whole range of new algorithms. I don't think one is much faster than the other at AES128 but there is no guarantee you are trying to use that when comparing the speeds for both versions... What kind of machine are you using this on?

OpenSSL doesn't care about any installed certificates on the machine, just the files in the /system directory it creates so any old certs installed in the registry by the MS encryption stuff don't matter.
AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+( single core)

and in another machine like this:

AMD Sempron 2400+ (also single core)

i used windows xp 32bit. i try next week in first machine with win7 32bit, it's good?

or these cpu are too slow ?
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