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Thanks for the info about having to use RAW mode. Worked like a charm with PuTTY - i actually tried before but in Telnet mode instead of RAW. Anyway, if i send some bogus IDNT command, the popup of your script comes up.
So ioFTPD is indeed not receiving the IDNT properly. Which is weird, because it works well on glftpd.
Also fun fact, i only had BNC_HOST_1 = in the config, but sent the IDNT from another box (not even on the same network) but still the args.exe window popped up. Shouldn't it ignore the IDNT alltogether? I guess its because it's added as a pre-script and ioFTPD doesn't evaluate the BNC_HOST rule before actually starting to process the command (when the script has already been triggered).

Edit: Maybe looking at the yatb source helps? It seems the idnt stuff is in, you can find the source here:
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