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Default v7.5.8 Changelog

v7.5.8 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version

*** New Features:

2) Changes in service state are recorded to the ioFTPD.log file:
     SERVICES: Defined=%d Active=%d Online=%d Failed=%d

*** Functionality changes:

3) The server will no longer shut itself down if a valid active service is
   marked offline, i.e. it didn't respond to a local connection request.
   After 3 failures in a row the service will be upgraded to failed status.
   If all active services are marked as failed the server will now try to
   internally shut itself down gracefully before exiting abnormally at the
   last moment if run as a service so the service manager thinks it crashed
   and can restart it, or with a non-zero exit code if a normal process.

   NOTE: There is no way to inform the stupid service manager that you wish
         to report a failure and be restarted.  If you actually return an
         error code it assumes you're finished and won't restart the process.
         You have to pretend to exit unexpectedly so it considers it crashed
         and in need of a restart...

*** Bug Fixes:

4) Fixed a bug where the mutex used to ensure only one ioFTPD process is
   using a particular window name (used for shared memory communication) was
   created in the current session namespace (which is the default). This meant
   that a particular login session couldn't start the same server twice, but
   you could have a service and a user both starting a server using the same
   windows name (and most likely the same configured ports, etc) and this is
   probably something you don't want.  The mutex is now created in a global
   namespace instead of the session namespace.
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