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Unable to read/resolve host address: '' (using old value) Device='Any'
That indicates the server didn't get a timely answer when trying to lookup the name of the server. This isn't a fatal error since it just uses the old value. In fact unless you see the server unable to lookup the value for a large block of time you can completely ignore these log entries.

On the other hand, after seeing the "No services appear to be online!" message the server should exit gracefully and be restarted by the service manager. If you look into the Windows system log can you see the service manager reporting it exited and that it was restarting the service? I don't think it cares if it exited gracefully or not, but perhaps I goofed and it thinks it shouldn't be restarted... That would be kinda funny, but I don't think that's the case. My money is on an actual lockup. My guess is if you look at the list of processes running on the machine via the Task Manager (make sure you use "Show processes from all users" since it's a service) that you will find an ioFTPD process hanging around. It's likely stuck and probably because of the loader lock...

Do you have 'Restart_On_Deadlock' under [Threads] set to 'True'? If you don't then you'll get the loader lock stuck message OR the 'No services' message but at this point the process is hosed and can't exit on it's own. Just enable the Restart_On_Deadlock feature so it can actually exit and thus be restarted by the service manager...
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