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It wasn't making any crash/log files or anything else, i have gone through the ini file and explicitly told it to log it to ..\logs now, will leave it on overnight and see what happens.

Only other thing i have seen in error.log today was

06-13-2010 13:10:22 Unable to read/resolve host address: '' (using old value) Device='Any'
06-13-2010 15:50:05 No services appear to be online! Defined=1, Active=1, Online=0, Failed=0. Exiting!

Which is strange as that dns name is checked every day and it says its fine, maybe i should change that in the .ini from dns to its actual IP?

Please excuse the late reply, been watching a lot of the world cup ;-)

edit: seems even when running it as a service it can still crash and not start back up, when i looked under the recovery tab it was only set to restart after first failure, i have changed it to restart after the second and subsequent failures, hopefully that should keep it running and give us the info you require :-)

edit2: did it again about an hour ago, no crash files, just the same line as above, even having it as a service did not help and ioftpd did not restart

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