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ioFTPD 7.5.2 is also crashing, refusing control connection. However it is less frequent that previous versions.

debug.log contains:

05-26-2010 14:51:49 WSAAsyncSelect error: 10022
05-26-2010 17:25:54 AsyncSelectProc: Socket 4964 not found.
05-26-2010 19:26:53 AsyncSelectProc: Socket 5020 not found.
05-26-2010 21:41:53 AsyncSelectProc: Socket 5108 not found.

watch.log did not get created until I attached windbg to process, then it wrote:

05-27-2010 11:09:12 Server timeout reached (70 > 60), killing it.

The last event in ioftpd.log was 23:38:37, then it was down for 12 hours until I noticed now.

Not sure if the dump I made from windbg is before or after the process got killed, but I'm sending it anyway.

*I might add that this server has a broken disk in it, so io could be crashing due to some hdd access? Expected behavior then is to time out the read, and report an error. This is probably related to my (insane) long preloading time from earlier. Which I also would expect io to give up on any broken disk within a reasonable time, instead of waiting 15 minutes.

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