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o_dog: I can confirm that the server doesn't like NTFS junctions on network shares. While IGNORE mode really doesn't try to make the server realize it's a link it does attempt to validate the directory target because if it was invalid the server needs to know that so it can show a broken link fake entry. If it doesn't do that we get the old behavior of the server not showing broken links at all in listings.

The problem right now is the junction on the network share is returning a path that is valid only on the remote machine but it's being interpreted as if it was on the local machine and thus it's failing the existence test and you get the 0 byte broken link fake entry...

As soon as I figure out how to fix it I'll get a release out for you. I need to explore how the server resolves junctions across network shares and if you can link across different drives which are shared differently on the remote machine, and how to handle remote volume mountpoints, etc.

If you need something really quick, I can just test the link without interpreting it which should always work and probably makes the most sense for IGNORE mode anyway... That's a trivial change.
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