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o_dog: Hmm. What 'NTFS_Reparse_Method' option are you using? If you switch to IGNORE that should be the old behavior and everything would work like it did pre v7. SHARE/SYMLINK are very different and I process the re-parse points internally to figure out the target dir, etc. It's possible I missed something simple when dealing with network shares, so I'll test that and get back to you. Try the IGNORE option though and see if that offers a temp fix.

pion: My hands are pretty much tied. It's the client (not the server) that times out the directory listings and there isn't really much that I can do about that. The simplest option includes sending some sort of bogus / generic data to keep the client happy but what that should be I'm not really sure... A later release with that saved-cache feature I thought about seems like the best option but that doesn't solve your short term problem... Of course speeding up cache processing in general wouldn't hurt either...
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