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(16:57:56) [io745] PWD
(16:57:56) [io745] 257 "/" is current directory.
(16:57:56) [io745] STAT -l
(16:58:09) [io745] List Complete: 504 bytes in 12,34 seconds (0,04KB/s)

This is with preload disabled.

The dir doesn't have a single 'actual' dirs, they're all just mountpoints from the vfs, which are emtpy dirs like FTP-ROOT-DIR and the like.

This slow dirlisting happends every time, for every dir.

Preloading enabled, with delay=true:

05-24-2010 17:27:37 PRELOAD: "begin" "..\etc\default.vfs"
05-24-2010 17:28:50 PRELOAD: "points=55" "..\etc\default.vfs"
05-24-2010 17:53:29 PRELOAD: "count=9383" "..\etc\default.vfs"
05-24-2010 17:54:17 SSL: "Found certificate" "name=abcd" "Service=FTP_Service" "(Certificate_name)"

Then when (finally) logging in:

(17:54:47) [io745] STAT -l
(17:58:07) [io745] Timeout, Connection closed

Please put some more sane timeouts on dirlisting stuff!

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