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Wait a sec pion. Does this new build always accept control connections now? Even when it isn't accepting file transfers or data channel listings? Can you try to exhaust the 10 pre-allocated control connections by just logging in/out 12 times? It looks like ioFTPD isn't finding problems connecting to itself via it's internal testing since nothing is showing up in the watch logfile. Remember it takes 3 failures in a row and there is a minute between tests so at least a 3 minute detection window on the control channel is necessary, but if you can always connect then this obviously won't fail...

If it's just data connections then that's real progress. The PORT/PASV (and ident check) logic uses an async handler callback and it's possible that something is getting screwed up there. When entirely different logic used for new control connections was also broken it seemed unlikely that that was the problem, but perhaps there was more than 1 issue... In fact I can think of 1 potential issue right off the bat that I'll look into.
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