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zero: The VFS= line to specify a .vfs file is an OS path so something like VFS=..\etc\default.vfs would be the correct form for that. The rest of the 2 = /XVID type lines are FTP paths and thus are forwards (/) slash separated.

pion: Hmm, guess I forgot to remove a debug line, you shouldn't be seeing that 'Accepted Port' stuff. Evidently whatever is causing issues on your sites appears to still be there... If you see it restarted 3 times was that automatically restarted as opposed to you doing it manually? Can you check logs\Watch.log and see what it says? If it's auto-restarting on whatever the lockup problem you are having is then it's at least some progress was made as it doesn't require manual intervention now...

pion: Did you check to see that the directory you are timing out on was listed in the sections.vfs file? What does the PRELOAD: and START: lines look like in ioFTPD.log and what is their order?
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