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Default ioFTPD v7.5.9 Released (Beta)

Version 7.5 of ioFTPD

Several OpenSSL changes. The server now supports elliptic-curve and Diffie-Huffman based ephemeral key algorithms for one-time use ciphers which means the server now uses the most secure algorithms available to OpenSSL. The ability to modify the behavior of the OpenSSL library has also been added and defaults set to increase interoperability.

NOTE: To take advantage of Diffie-Huffman ephemeral keying you will need a new key file (<name>.dhp) which means you need to re-generate the SSL certificate. To do this you can remove the old certificate by deleting the <name>.key and <name>.pem files in the system directory before starting the server or use "site removecert <name>". Then use "site makecert" or enable the new auto-generate cert feature and re-start the server.

Fixes 3 big bugs:
1) Fixed a serious PASV command bug that could cause uploaded files to be incorrectly named/swapped!
2) Fixed several winsock bugs to try and squash the winsock lockup issue.
3) Fixed a crashing issue when too many commands are outstanding to a single disk.

The server also got a major upgrade to deadlock detection and restart features, and it has several new message formatting features to support easily customizing site command output with the name of your server. It also provides increased security for the PORT command.

Latest Version:


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