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Default Maybe another bug

Hey Bigstar,

When i have FlashFXP open for several hours and it's connected to one site and i do a live-update direct without doing anything first, i get this error:

---------------------------22:58:05 21/08/2002---------------------------
Version: 2.0 RC2 (build 869)
Compiled on: Jul 30, 2002
OS Ver: 5.1 (build 2600)

Exception 'EAccessViolation' in module FlashFXP.exe at 00035214
Access violation at address 00436214 in module 'FlashFXP.exe'. Read of address 00000004

Source file: Forms.pas, Line 3473
Error within Try/Except

Call stack:
:00436214 [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 3473)
:00460CD4 [FlashFXP.exe] (EnhFunc.pas, line 834)
:00526E0A [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 8798)
:0044E1ED [FlashFXP.exe] (Menus.pas, line 1382)
:0044EBA7 [FlashFXP.exe] (Menus.pas, line 1777)
:00438A2B [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 4855)
:0044680F [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 6807)

Don't know if you know about it, i thought i would just let you know about it

Kind regards
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