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It's okay, I found a third-party app which allowed me to decrypt all my settings and import them into Filezilla.

So I'm done with FlashFXP, sadly, (I genuinely love the program, it's by far the best FTP/SFTP program that I have ever used, that's why I bought it), through a mixture of FlashFXP being unable to find me on their system, me not insisting on having my account/license updated when I legally changed my name and my lost login details which I never bothered recovering at the time as I thought the backed up flashfxp.key file would suffice, have cost me.

Lesson learned, from now on, all license emails will be duplicated to gmail AND yahoo AND livemail AND gmx.

Extremely annoyed that my details are not locatable in the FlashFXP database, but equally annoyed at myself for at some point losing my login details, (not that they'd actually work if I'm no longer in the system, but at least I'd have the email to prove I bought the thing).

Maybe they're away for the weekend and that's why they stopped replying to my emails, maybe they'll have another look when they get back and I'll get a positive response, but until then, que sera sera I guess.
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