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I don't know what to say pion. I'm hoping someone like Silly will report whether 7.4.3 is stable or not for them as it clearly wasn't before, but the other reports I'm getting are all "stable" votes. The only downside so far is SSL traffic from some sites is having issues and I think I figured out how to fix that by enabling the bug workarounds and turning off SSL tickets. Bigstar and FlashFXP seems to have run into the ticket issue with the newer OpenSSL builds and older java SSL libraries as well so I'm pretty sure that will fix the issue.

Is there anything else in common on these systems that isn't standard? Common firewall? I'll take a look again at the loaded modules from the dumps you sent me, but I didn't notice anything weird the first time I looked. I.e. netlimiter, nvidia firewall, nod32's internet module (v3, I think v4 is ok), etc. All of those are known issues... It looked like nxmydb or the libmysql library it used were the likely suspect but if you've removed reference to them then you got me... I'll keep looking, but shy of the next round of changes coming which I don't expect to do much I'm running out of things to try.

Oh, and remember to make sure you have enough worker threads. I can't say for sure that rare cases don't crop up if worker threads exit. There aren't any I'm aware of, but the fact that I had to fix one in the past means there could be more.
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