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pion: That looked interesting for a minute, but it looks like nothing more than whatever problem you are having with socket communications. First, I'm curious about that "SITE XDUPE" line. Do you have an addon for that? I was surprised to see the command was accepted...

The interesting part is the ABOR line. The client issued the command and never received a response. I'm guessing the server hung up trying to force close the socket for some reason. That could turn out to be a really useful clue to me though, so keep them coming.

The part that caught my eye originally was the 550 debug line + Active Transfer in progress err, but it turns out that is correct behavior. The server has not returned acknowledgment of the ABOR command or returned success/failure of the transfer itself. The client is not allowed to start another transfer until one of those 3 things happen. Now obviously the server is stuck and not happy, but what made that log look really interesting to me just isn't...

o_dog: Any ABOR lines like the above showing up? Still having that issue that I was blaming on the client?
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