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This was win2k3? There isn't a really easy way on that OS. Vista+ and you can create a dump directly from task manager. You should however be able to install windbg and/or Visual Studio Express (2010 edition might be out), both are free, and then you can attach the debugger to the process and create a dump at any time with the process in any state.

Windbg used to be downloadable via the "Debugging Tools for Windows" package, but now you need to get the Windows Driver Kit from MS (Link). It's like 700MB but you can just install the Debugging Tools for Windows component without needing any of the other stuff.

Launch WinDbg
Click File->Attach to a Process
select ioFTPD from the list of running processes
.dump /ma c:\ioFTPD.dmp
zip or rar and upload to me
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