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Really good to hear it's working for people now!!!

Here's a special build that is just for o_dog and pion:


You will now see something like:
550-Init: 1, Aborted: 0, Socket: 752, LastError: 0, Size: 0, Pos: 0
550 Active transfer in progress, terminate transfer with ABOR before proceeding.

The extra line above is the only change from 7.4.3, but it will show a couple of fields from the data transfer structure whenever you would get that 550 message. In particular if Socket is not 0 or -1 then the system has an open data socket and really does think it's transferring a file or waiting to connect/listening. Size is the size of the file (0 for uploads) and Pos is the current position. If you see that increasing then it really is sending/receiving.

Hopefully this can help figure out what you are seeing. I still believe it's the client not sending an ABOR command when required so try to get client logs if possible.
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