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io 743 appears to work fine No broken transfers yet.

On a side note, preload is still strangly slow.. this is in io 743 with delay=true:

04-22-2010 09:30:16 PRELOAD: "begin" "../etc/default.vfs"
04-22-2010 09:34:47 PRELOAD: "points=13" "../etc/default.vfs"

After playing around some with it, I'm still confused as to how it's intended to work.

I tried creating ../etc/sections.vfs, and move some of the mountpoints in there, but they don't show up on site!

I also tried adding 1=/mydir/ for every single dir in the / mount, with it still taking equally long time to start up.

Then I have another site with atleast 100x the ammount of dirs and subdirs, which load in 0s

04-22-2010 10:21:20 PRELOAD: "begin" "../etc/sections.vfs"
04-22-2010 10:21:20 PRELOAD: "points=4" "../etc/sections.vfs"
04-22-2010 10:21:20 PRELOAD: "count=141" "../etc/sections.vfs"
04-22-2010 10:21:33 SSL: "Unable to locate default certificate" "name=ioFTPD" "Service=FTP_Service"
04-22-2010 10:21:33 START: "PID=2960" "CmdLine="

(assuming START is where users are able to log in)

in that sections.vfs file, some of the mountpoints are plainly copied from default.vfs

When going back to my trouble site, I attempted to only add 1 single (small) directory to sections.vfs, and leave a copy + rest of mounts in default.vfs:

04-22-2010 10:55:02 PRELOAD: "begin" "../etc/sections.vfs"
04-22-2010 10:55:15 PRELOAD: "points=1" "../etc/sections.vfs"
04-22-2010 11:00:45 SSL: "Found certificate" "name=abcd" "Service=FTP_Service" "(Certificate_name)"
04-22-2010 11:00:45 START: "PID=528" "CmdLine="
04-22-2010 11:00:47 LOGIN: "FTP_Service" "pion"

As you can see, it would appear as if preload finish in a timeframe that looks much more sane, but I still can't log in.

Anyway - I'm fairly confused as to how I'm suppose to use sections.vfs, and the preload settings.. maybe you could clarify? Like what is correct syntax to only go 1 subdir deep during preloading? And debug what directory/harddrive in particular that's causing this very long startup time?

*Edit: to top it off, I tried removing all but one of the mountpoints in default.vfs, then boot ftpd, and add the rest of dirs after. Relogin works instantly, listing all folders as it should instantly..

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