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I got some weird transfer errors now, after I upgraded. From one particular site I got a lot of faulty files. There has not been any problems previously in between these two sites, but now it's close to 30% failed files..

(20:55:43) [io742] CPSV
(20:55:43) [io742] 227 Entering Passive Mode (1,1,1,1,60,83)
(20:55:43) [glftpd] PORT 1,1,1,1,60,83
(20:55:43) [glftpd] 200 PORT command successful.
(20:55:43) [io742] STOR file.r12
(20:55:43) [io742] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file.r12 using SSL/TLS.
(20:55:43) [glftpd] RETR file.r12
(20:55:43) [glftpd] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file.r12 (15000000 bytes) using SSL/TLS.
(20:55:49) [glftpd] 426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
(20:55:49) [io742] CWD /dir1/dir3/Subdir/
(20:55:49) [glftpd] STAT -l
(20:55:49) [io742] 426-250- .----== ioNiNJA v0.8 ==----------------------------.
(20:55:49) [io742] 426-250- | + CRC-Check: FaileD! |
(20:55:49) [io742] 426-250- `--------------------------------=====-------------'
(20:55:49) [io742] 226-Transferred: 8863744.
(20:55:49) [io742] 426 Connection closed: SSL library returned a failure code.
(20:55:49) [glftpd] List Complete: 3*742 bytes in 0,08 seconds (47,97KB/s)
(20:55:49) [io742] 226 ABOR command successful.
(20:55:49) [io742] PWD

Why does io think there's an ABOR sendt? Why wouldn't the transfer complete, even if there's packetloss on the network, as it aborts after half the transfer? I might add that I got a io703->io742 transfer running in another session without any problems.

Is there a way to be sure who's at fault here? I can't seem to find any records in logs about what failiure code the ssl library returns..

*Edit: Just updated another server, experiencing the same weird dropped transfers, from multiple sources that never had such problems before update

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