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ioFTPD won't display anything until all subdirs are evaluated so that is normal. And I mentioned before that no matter what preloading settings you have set it will load the mountpoints from the default VFS file (usually default.vfs) and any defined via VFS under [VFS_Preload]. However if delay=false it won't stop you from logging in while that is happening. Check the logfile to see the message order and what it means (see the v7.3 thread).

I just tested up/down over SSL and switched the connect/accept role via SSCN between ioFTPD and glFTPD with 2 different FTPs (one using an expired cert even) and all worked fine. I tested downloading from drFTPD as well in both roles and that worked as well.

It's still pretty likely I goofed something up by missing a case (as I said there are a few I was hoping don't happen), but I had no issues with the PASV feature. Double check your .ini file because until it reports that correctly you have other problems to worry about... Swap the .exe with the old without touching the .ini and see if it gets the PASV host correct. Are you using an IP address, a dynamic DNS name, a regular DNS name? Does it resolve correctly outside of ioFTPD?

I know, sometimes silly stuff, but have to check... Firewall? etc...
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