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Hmm. I'm willing to bet that the "large" directory is at fault for your listing issues. If you request a directory listing via "stat -l" that takes longer that 2 minutes to enumerate most FTP clients will time out the command. The most common case is a network mounted drive and I've seen this lots of times in that situation. Just re-connect and do it again and everything from that point works fine which is what you are seeing as well. I haven't found a good way to get around that problem, but it's the entire reason the preloading feature exists and allows for the DELAY option...

You mentioned PASV not resolving correctly. Is that something new or unexpected? I don't believe any of that should be different than before...

I guess I missed something in the SSL case though with the "SSL library returned a failure code" messages... I was hoping for more info from the Debug.log file, but knowing there is an issue means I'll test more and see what happens locally. My simple tests with glftpd/drftpd and back to itself worked, but I guess I got something wrong somewhere. I presume it has to do with the handshake code given no bytes were transferred.
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