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Default The issue of auto wiping

A first of all until now picks small bug and adds a few thing function about the upgrade which is thanking Middle doing...

but problem running 24 time server without, the ranking which is a precedence in the part which is core for, Tries and efficient intelligence thought isn' that works.

With currently, operates with unmanned server most grows big problem point hour blood which already several times refers to also a past AUTO WIPING functions not to operate well and is. Uses FTP servers which sees and does not use AUTO WIPING functions, type I see how much will not be. But the being a function whose AUTO WIPING are important so far there is a bug of past WARCHIVE, SCRIPT where comes out newly other than only as many as one is not the thing.

But SCRIPT where relates with this so far currently anyone does not make with WARCHIVE after that has a bug. When WARCHIVE the biggest problem point when eliminating a file, folder people passes over a specific length (Accurately, when being an above of some letter, the problem will fall and occurs will not know) The folders and the files which are included inside are not eliminated with automatic not to be, the script stops on the middle and throws away, As end where SCRIPT works are not completed from the point of view to throw away and is to wear out.

About like that rank RELEASE where becomes with long named folder people does not know how much the many sides which does not become but hour blood which knows from the section which specifies Quality as a matter of the section the case where the directory which has become with long named folder people are many quite isn't?

As when to depend to let alone consequently like this sections in only WARCHIVE managements Justly existing long the dir/file which becomes listens and to wipe support as is not being stagnant and In compliance with new release hard is made to throw away tight and the moment any more the upload becomes impossibly.

About WARCHIVE source only that oneself of the developer to be having but, consequently about this part That developer amends a bug and there is not a valence which grudge anyone which does not update will amend Currently WARCHIVE developers are in the process of disappearing but again returns but Is, or, about the nerve does not sweep even will not be able to believe firmly

Let you guys try to think! From server for 24 hours new files continuously is coming up If the files which, past are unnecessary are not eliminated with automatic will be able to manage a server how.

If it only server of small-scale ARCHIVE uses, will not know new release comes up endlessly The manager 24 hour monitor ring directly from huge server and in order to maintain a space hard is empty One day wiping the folders and the files which are unnecessary had become release in past wearing out truly the fool same act and It doesn' the manager must do think by manual operation that the thing is absurd?

Therefore is who related hereupon and the grudge which does not make SCRIPT problem point continuously only could not be being stagnant.

I' function which rather is basic does not do like other SCRIPT and modularization instead of from server dimension That appears to be recovering that has built-in, several times referred, appears listening attentively to that extent.

Rather using LINUX side servers(like a glftpd) which are stable all things is already established waiting it Is quicker the thing anyone is knowing, does not abandon the functions of WINDOWS base not to be, Passes around a server and the user exists, doesn' mean that now the server program will not be receiving love? Seriousness of this problem listens attentively please and period wishes.

With currently middle doing most the server problem the server which goes back without is basic and basic with unmanned From environment makes and the thing intelligence which puts, The issue of importance as to let alone later in only update of the function which is additional becomes the chart continuously The nerve that writes, sees that clearly there is a problem.

If even recently server version is upgraded, the brush is taken the flaw which is rolled up is substantial, or, the function which is renovation Happened, sees to, was not difficult?

Work judges a priority please and rationally progress haeju route wishes.

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