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i also have problems with io just hanging at the startup
i figured out its hangs on directory caching
im used to putting all paths in the default.vfs
but with these hangs, it seams nessesary to disable cache on some paths

edit: i think it hangs on paths that are already cached

and another question: is it possible to surpress log errors/warnings like: VFS WARNING: file '..\etc\default.vfs', line #59 has a real path that is invalid (error = No such file or directory): "y:" /STAFF/PROGRAMME/_HDD/Y-drive

edit2: hmm, i thought it would be anough to only put the sections in a seperate vfs file, and remove them from default.vfs
but then the sections dont show up on ftp
so now i wonder what the function is of this extra vfs file, when paths dont get loaded to the ftp anyway

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