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Yil; I tried your extra service configuration, but I had some problems with it. I copied the existing ftp service, renamed it, and change port, then added that Active_Services. At some point it appeared that only the latest service got loaded, essentially only opening one port. I also had problems getting the service to allow connections alltogether, also after reverting config, as if some bindings where still active. Reverting, manually killing the ioftpd.exe process, wait for a few, then starting it again appears to get things back to normal.

It's likely that the above problems is entirely my fault, however I find it curious that nothing (at all) showed up in logs when attempting to start ioftpd.exe. I could clearly see the process running, and spawning ioftpd-watch.exe - but not able to log in, and nothing is written in logs, not even startup events.
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