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zero: Nothing changed with how you use site chattr, or site symlink. The double quotes are indeed required if the name contains spaces so it's a good idea to always use them. You can check out "site help chattr" for details. The issue was in the EXEC module entirely and the way it improperly handled the arguments to !vfs:chattr which failed to remove the double quotes because of the extra \r at the end. This means that the link was stored as "/link"\r (the quotes are part of the name!) instead of just /link and therefore wouldn't resolve...

pion: Keep an eye out to see if you see that behavior again. If new connections are not being accepted, try to see if you can get directory listings via LIST (not STAT!) or alternatively transfer any files. If so then it's just something weird going on with users logging in. Try a site rehash to see if that helps, and also check the logfiles. You can also try "site crashnow" if you are still logged in to see if that works and send me the dumps.
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