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Default ioFTPD v7.3.3 Changelog

v7.3.3 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version

*** Bug Fixes

2) Fixed a race condition during startup where the scheduler subsystem was
   started before the services subsystem.  This could result in the &reset
   scheduler event (which updates defined services) running before they have
   been configured for the first time.  I believe this is the cause of the
   server starting up but not accepting any connections at all.

3) Fixed a bug where '\r' wasn't being removed from the end of a line when
   processing ! redir commands issued in the EXEC module.

4) Fixed a bug with the !detach feature in the EXEC module where I flipped
   the meaning of the integer argument and was recording an error instead
   of success.
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