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Zero: I've tried a bunch of symlinks and everything appears to be working fine. I even found that relative symlink bug when I first looked at it. If you view the raw link target via "site chattr +l <dir>" like you did in your example can you CWD to that and have it work? Does restarting the server make the link work? If all that fails, send me the .ioFTPD file from the link directory and I'll check to see if it looks OK. I'm just not sure how the zipscript creates the link, i.e. via a !vfs style command which means the EXEC module, via the shared memory interface, or by manipulating the .ioFTPD file itself... If the last then it might be a stale cache issue which restarting would fix but wouldn't be an issue if the zipscript wasn't crashing and told the server to reload the dir's data... Just a thought...
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