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Zero: there shouldn't be any changes required. However, can you tell if the modified Project-ZS tries to use ! commands like !vfs:add, !putlog, etc. It's possible that it's using one of these that I didn't port correctly and that's causing the errors. If the zipscript is easy to install I'll do that and figure out the problem locally so just PM me about how to get it, or send it to me.

monk: Do you not get that scheduler event returned error message on v6.x releases? Did warchive actually do what it was supposed to when run? If so then it's usually because the process returned a non-zero exit code, and we'll have to figure out why... I can already see the -!putlog line from your example and the leading - I don't think belongs there. That shouldn't cause any issues but it probably isn't going to do anything...
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