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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
zero: The exec module actually changed quite a bit between v6.9 and v7.0 because it started supporting keep-alive timeouts and that required a number of changes. I don't think the conditions for deleting a file after upload changed though. After the changes I fixed a few things and tested with ioZS and ioA/B which I believe both work fine now. Which zipscript is failing?

I'll take a look at the symlink crash though. Have you left Keep_Links_In_Paths enabled? For kicks, switch it off, rehash, re-login, and see if it makes a difference in resolving.
It's a modified version of Project-ZS for ioFTPD. Exactly what changes are required?

Changing any of the EXEC related settings in ioFTPD.ini doesn't help in this case? I've tried but with no luck.

With Keep_Links_In_Paths = False it's still crashing when I try to create a symlink manually with site symlink. Using site chattr +l manually still works. No change for the valid link that the zipscript creates. Though I guess it could be a result of the incompatibility with v7.x.

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