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[19:49:22] [L] SITE SYMLINK /DIR/Test/ | Test-link
[19:49:24] [L] Connection lost: TEST (ioFTPD)
ioFTPD crashes.

Also a zipscript (exe) that works fine in v6.9.3 and creates symlinks that work. In v7.3.0 (haven't tested older v7.x) the symlinks won't resolve, but when checking the virtual target of the symlink it seems ok:
CWD (incomplete)-Dirname
550 (incomplete)-Dirname: No such file or directory.
SITE CHATTR +l "(incomplete)-Dirname"
200-CHATTR: "/Some_section/Dirname"
Also, that same zipscript (again, that works just fine in v6.9.3) says all is ok but no files remain after upload. It creates the missing-files and progress bar and that non-working symlink but all uploaded files disappear. How much of the EXEC module has changed between given versions and what has to be done to make the script work again?


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