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Lightbulb Default Size

I am a proud registered user of FlashFXP and was wanting to make a suggestion, well here it is. Adding a default size that is adjustable to set for the program itself and for the queue and status/transfer/error window and also to keep the same size for the local browser and the ftp browser itself. I change resolutions often to play games with FlashFXP still open and sometimes even minimized to the system tray and when doing this it screws up the size of FlashFXP and then it takes me some time to get everything back to the size that I once had. So maybe also a Reset option to change it all back to default would be nice as well. This would also include the position of FlashFXP on the screen as well. Along with that If you could take a look at this and let me know back on what you think of my suggestion that would be great.

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