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IPv6 has been around for a long time and has still never been fully adopted in the industry (both harder and software). This is because IPv6 was initially created due to the forseable exhaustion of IPv4 allocation. However, since then significant improvements have been made to the way networking and so on works (such as NAT) that have, for now, solved the major issues that prompted the creation of IPv6 in the first place. This is why, IMO, the industry (developers, manufacturers of routers, and so on) are in absolutely no hurry to implement IPv6 support.

As far as FlashFXP goes, iirc (its been awhile), it was on the todo list but was far from the top of the priority list.

Until enough Router manufacturers (for example) start making IPv6 support (and use) standard in their products (if they ever do) i think IPv6 will remain a very low priority in software.
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