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Quick update. I started looking into some crashlogs pion sent to me and spotted a problem... Version 7.1 changed the Config_* routines (it's in the ChangeLog) to work with arbitrary .ini files instead of a single global ioFTPD.ini file. This allowed for Help.ini, Theme.ini, and the various site help .ini files.

Unfortunately it looks like nxMyDB uses at least one Config_ function so v7.1+ with nxMyDB is an accident waiting to happen since it will either crash or corrupt memory and thus generate random errors...

There are 2 solutions. Update nxMyDB or stick in a shim function using the old arguments. Unless someone knows how to get in touch with neoxed and see if he can either update it quickly (it's likely a trivial fix) I'll go the shim route to keep the old arguments and compatibility.

Expect something quickly...
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