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Too much time...
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I'm looking to put out the next few releases somewhat quickly with very few changes in the hopes of trying a few things out one by one so it's easier to debug. So hope you can bear with me and help test for a bit.

ioFTPD has been linked against the CRT statically for a long time because it eliminated the problem of Visual Studio 2005/2008 runtimes not being installed on XP machines and thus avoided all sorts of errors and head scratching for new users. However, it occurs to me that because TCL and ioFTPD.exe are both using their own static libraries and all the rest of the window's DLLs are using whatever dynamically linked CRT they are linked against that perhaps this is causing some problem. Especially since the lockup bug is in the ldr_lock which is involved when registering/unregistering DLLs, creating processes, etc...

I have no idea if this will make a difference or not, but it's probably worth a try. I'll rebuild the various TCL libraries and ioFTPD to use the shared SxS DLLs and provide the MS 2008 SP1 redistributable runtime library (it's 4MB itself) as a link for those who will need to install it. My guess is win7/2008 users have this by default, but Vista and perhaps even XP users might have other software that installed it already by this point.

That's the idea for the first quick release just to see if anything changes because of the switch.

The next one after that will either be a new ioFTPD thread that just tests to see if the server is still happy and suicides if things look locked up, or if things go smoothly the openSSL switch. I've started work on it, but I can't test anything or even see if I'm doing stuff correctly until I finish swapping everything so who knows if some of my assumptions are correct yet. Sometime next week we'll see how things are going...
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