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Default How to verify your copy of FlashFXP.exe

In Windows Explorer, locate flashfxp.exe.
  1. Right-click the file name. Click Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, if the file contains a digital signature, the Digital Signature tab is displayed. Click the Digital Signatures tab to view the digital signature details. A Valid Signature icon is displayed if a digital signature is valid, and an Invalid Signature icon is displayed if the digital signature is not valid.
  3. In the Other Fields list, select an option from the list to view details of the digital signature, such as the issuer, description, and expiration date of the digital ID. You can also view the time stamp and time service.
  4. When you have finished viewing the digital signature information, click OK.

If the digital signature is missing or invalid please download FlashFXP from our website at
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