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Well I didn't want you to try that option, I just wanted to know if it was enabled. Enabling it would cause this type of problem if the range was too small.

There were some problems several months ago where msg board members were bad mouthing other ftp clients. I don't have time to moderate the msg board 24/7, it was easier to filter the names.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any changes made between 835 and 870 that would introduce such a problem. You might want to try installing v2.0 RC2 into a completely new folder, that way you can besure you're using the default settings.

I conducted some tests with MS IIS FTP and Serv-u, transferring roughly 4k files ranging from 1KB to 10MB over my 100mbit lan. In both tests no errors occured.

I will conduct a test over the internet with ProFTPD on my webserver later today but my internet connection is very slow and that may effect the results.
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