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Flow: Ooops! I've completely failed to get the help files out the door! I really did think I'd finish them up quickly, but while documenting every single command and argument available to users I kept running across things I wanted to fix and, well, it's quite boring work...

To remove the error, just create help.ini and sitehelp.ini in the System dir. That should probably do it. I have finished help.ini, but still have all the 'site change' commands to do as well as a few new commands for the next release... If I don't finish them up in the next week kick me

Couple of teasers. There is a 'site perms' command now that will show you exactly what you (or any other user you indicate) can do to a file or directory. For directories it also pulls out matching actions for files/subdirs that match the path and shows you the perms for things like 'RemoveDir', 'DeleteOwn', etc. Basically I reproduced permission checking in the resolver and all the standard FTP commands and put the results in a table or two. I also made it runnable by regular users (they can only view themselves) if you want to let them see some of that info (not all fields are shown). I really think that will be quite useful to new admins and people setting up the server for the first time.

Site uptime for the FTP and the OS as well as cookies for displaying it in message files and a TCL function for it are added.

Oh, and fine grained access to the MDTM command. You can now allow access to reading the timestamp, but control who can set it via the TimeStamp and TimeStampOwn access checks. There is even an option to let only the last file uploaded by the user be modified if you want to disable modification in general, but allow that limited case which I think might be useful to some people. I can't believe people haven't complained about this...

And finally, I've been playing a lot with virtual dirs. It works for what I envisioned it to do, but now I want it even better. I'm trying to support items that don't exist as real files or dirs. Basically I want you to be able to rename, add, delete, etc items that exist only because they got pulled out of a file or database. Right now ioFTPD expects real paths to everything...

If anyone using virtual dirs has suggestions or comments now would be a good time I believe I've got a simple fix for things like SIZE, MDTM, XCRC, and downloading files from virtual dirs for which you provided a linked real dir. Those changes will just start working without you doing anything. Uploading, directory creation, and renaming will require some new code from you though and I can't promise my half of that for the next release.
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