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100-200mb? thats like 4s and yes if you want make an exception to the rule it's a good one. It also happens that a car ends up in the water,does that mean we should design them to be used as boats too?

as far as logic goes you kinda lost it with all that 1 2 3 4 5 back and fourth. Incomplete files are often transfered, taking up bw and making sure releases are not completed as fast as possible. Preventing incomplete dls speeds up the completion since no file is transfered under the minimum amount of bw avalible. While a slow incomplete transfer from one server ends up slowing down completion of races all over the place. Not to mention it costs alot of credits for users to transfer incomplete files since it gets taken from their credits but not added on target site. If a file gets transfered multiple times, let's say a hdd runs out of space, file gets deleted by zipscript and transfered over and over again, escalating both credit and bw consumption. How many racers abort a slow transfer to race something else? The point with the incomplete download was to speed up transfers when connections were slow and the upload time was long. Today it isn't nessecery, but sure, implent it and make it optional since both drftpd and glftpd support it, might be beneficial for racers to get access to files quickly. Just don't try to convince me that it's a good idea, cause it' really not, everyone loses on the crap, it might be needed, but that doesn't make it a good idea.
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