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it is since incomplete uploads are not that rare, you just don't see them since most people shut off the announce.

Now we turn to logic. One person uploads a slow file in a chain which in turn means all people uploads the file slow that use that site as a source, this then multiplies from the sites that are raced. Racer gets one file in race and release takes longer to complete on the site. When that user notices the upload speed he most likely aborts the transfer. now it gets uploaded again, but prolly from one of the other sites that used first as a source, thus making it fail crc, how long this goes on for differs. It's not complete so no one can finish the race and now you're left with an inomplete release that someone has to fill.

On the other hand if you only use fully uploaded files that never happens and most of the time you can max out the bw in all directions. It might take a few secs longer to get started but the result is better speeds. The only problem with this approch is that glftpd and drftpd actually allows download of partially uploaded files. It is a problem since it multiplies to other sites, over and over and over again.
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