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Default 3.6.0 (build 1240) and Windows 7 Pro. Sites are not saved


I recently updated my laptop from Windows Vista Ult. to Win 7 Professional and reinstalled FlashFXP 3.6 Build 1240.

I backed up the program (including settings/sites) from my old computer using FlashFXP's built in backup/restore feature.

It worked perfect.. All settings and sites were moved as it should.
However, I been trying to add new sites to the site manager the last couple of days and it works as well, but all new sites are deleted from the site manager if I restart FlashFXP.

This is really annoying, since I have to add the sites each time I start the program.

Is this a common issue? I have been searching the forum for a while and I'm unable to find any information on this.

Any suggestions?

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