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Default ioNiNJA audio sorting

Hellow all,

(Hope this is the good section, if not, please remove to proper section)
I am trying to learn the ioNiNJA script and i was wondering how can you sort by genre?
Example: folder FTP: sorted/genre

I found this line: set ioNJ(audio_sorting) But i have no clue how to set it after it.
Do i have to set a path or a vfs?

I created 1 folder named sorted in E:/ioFTPD/site/Sorted/
True path: E:/ioFTPD/site/Sorted/Mp3

This is my config file:

set ioNJ(audio_sorting) {/Sorted/Mp3/~E:/ioFTPD/site/Sorted/Mp3/%genre}


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