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Default problem transferring large files


Flash fxp 3.7.7 build 1315, registered
os vista
eset security, dsl

I have been successfully transferring files from a standard external hd to a sata hd in my popcorn hour for months now with no issues.

Now I am trying to transfer files back onto the external hd. All the files are quite large and what has happened now is that each transfer stops at 4gig. The message on flash says in red type 'Unable to write to file, disk full?'

The files are still on the external hd but are all exactly 4gig in size ?

Am I missing something here or what is going wrong? The same files were originally transferred from the same ext hd to the sata hd.

Any suggestions ?

Many Thanks

Just to update - all files less than 4 gig are transferring without issue, and the file types which are failing are different types and are all in excess of 4gig ??

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