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Default fixed: connect menu sites listings disappear and are unstable

Greetings Bigstar...

Some time ago I was beating your brain because sites were disappearing from the connect menu and would disappear over time. The only way to resolve this was to reboot the computer or use the actual site manager.

After optimizing your code the best you could, you had suggested I not list ALL sites in the root and to put them into organization units. This did improve things in addition to the optimized code in the latest build. However, eventually, I would still experience this... but it was more bearable.

I have been doing some intense usage with Windows 7 (64-bit Ultimate edition) and have thus far been unable to duplicate the issue. Generally speaking, I think flashfxp is running much smoother on Windows 7. If anyone is struggling with that issue as I was, you have one more reason to try out Windows 7!
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