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I'm guessing that it's ioFTPD's fault and not the scripts. Check out the main forum postings for how to determine if you have the lockup bug. I'm working on the v7.1 release due in a little over a week or so and it will have a new attempt at fixing the problem. The newer version of TCL with ioFTPD v7+ and externally run scripts either via EXEC or through TCL (like unzip, etc) and TCL socket connections all seem to make things worse. If you can't wait a week you can try using 6.9.3 and ioNinja v7 something as I think that will show the problem less but that's a lot of changes. I'd probably give me a week or so and see if I get lucky...

The conversion error message can be safely ignored, it's fixed in the upcoming v7.1.
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