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Default Future of my Scripts

Well it has been a while since anyone has heard from me, so I figured I would post an update on what I've been working...

...Drum roll...

...Almost nothing. Sorry for the suspense . I have been extremely busy with school and frankly, I have not had time for much else. However, I have done some minor work on nxMyDB and nxTools.

nxMyDB v2.1 should be ready shortly, whenever I get around to fixing the last few things. I added support for multiple MySQL servers and nxMyDB will switch between them in case one goes down. This is only useful for people who have several MySQL servers configured to replicate in a master/slave setup.

I cannot remember what changes I have made to nxTools.

I have also decided to upload my Tcl scripts to Google Code. Now any updates and fixes I make to the code can be readily available to the community. Although, I cannot promise I will be working on them actively.

I currently have all the projects in separate subversion repositories on my home server, so it will take a few days to get things uploaded to Google Code.

Edit: Finished!

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