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Default Filezilla + ioFTPD = nolist?

No i have no issue with ioFTPD and clients on windows, but i decided to start setting up the mac i got and i didn't want to pay more money for an ftp program so i grabbed filezilla ftp client.

Now no changes have been made on the server and it works - but if i use filezilla whether through plain ftp or ssl/tls it will never list a dir, all i get is

Response: Executed in 0.009s
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
Response: 250 CWD command successful.

after googling for hours, i keep coming back to the sames threads where the devs of FZ are saying that the server in question is not ftp spec complient and is broken and that we should install a better cserver!!!

to be honest i am looking for alternatives as i do not like the attitude of the FZ bunch after ll the threads i have read, they seem arrogant.

Any chance you could look into this YiL ? feel free to ask me for what ever you need.

I know its not a settings issue as i have g6 ftp server here working

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