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mr fresh
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However in the past I have done some experimenting with end users on their LAN and we were unable to find any major speed increases when changing the packet size.
I did some testing on my LAN here at work. 100MB, both machines only machines on 1 hub, both 3Com cards set for "Maximize network performance".

FTP download of 40MB file

FlashFXP 1.4 4560K/sec
Win98 Command Line FTP 8368 K/sec
CuteFTP 2.6.1 16384 rec buf 9765 K/sec
CuteFTP 2.6.1 12288 rec buf 9765 K/sec
CuteFTP 2.6.1 8192 rec buf 9765 K/sec

So, I can see no discernable difference in changing the buffer size for downloads.

The main thing this test tells me is that FlashFXP does lag behind other FTP clients in speed when used on a 100MB LAN (I am not complaining, just observing).
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