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Question help, bookmarks won't load? v3.6,Windows7 (bookmarks.dat)

* FlashFXP v3.6.0, build 1240, registered
* Windows 7 Pro
* Running behind hardware router/firewall - Linksys
* Not Running software firewall
* Not Running Antivirus
* Network - Cable

Hi, I've used FlashFXP (same version) on a laptop w/XP for years, and am setting up a new windows 7 desktop now, and would like to have the same sites and bookmarks.

I was able to import the sites from sites.dat from the old laptop with no problem (using Sites-> Import sites), and all my sites show up in the site manager.

I copied c:\Program Files\FlashFXP\bookmarks.dat (66kb) from the XP laptop into C:\ProgramData\FlashFXP\3\ folder on the windows 7 desktop where I finally found the new data files including my Sites.dat (88k), so Bookmarks.dat and Sites.dat are definitely in the same place.

I thought for sure this would do it, but when I connect to sites, all the bookmarks are still blanked out (not loading, just the gold star to add a new one).

My productivity will be so screwed without these bookmarks!!, can anyone help me figure out why it's not loading the bookmarks.dat, or force it to, etc.? There was an existing 1kb bookmarks.dat file and I overwrote it, so I can't imagine why that didn't work, thought for sure it would..

I tried upper and lower bookmarks.dat, restarted, checked permissions etc.. can't think of anything else to try?

Thanks so much for your time and any help/advice!!
Alan Densmore
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