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Default Fixed Data ports


About SSL fxp, I would like to have fixed port so I only have to open these "known" ports on the firewall.

in ioftpd.ini I've the default set to (and i'm fine with it):
Ports = 5421-5450

But when a transfer start it is blocked at firewall level as it comes on port 6000 to 6100
I went for the easy solution and open up these ports ...
Only for the next test to send on port +50000

Clients get:
[R] 425 Can't open data connection.

Here are the settings for the Certificate:
Require_Encrypted_Auth = !-ioFTPD !*
Require_Encrypted_Data = !-ioFTPD !S *
Certificate_Name = *****SSL
Explicit_Encryption = True
Encryption_Protocol = SSL3
Min_Cipher_Strength = 128
Max_Cipher_Strength = 256

# IDNT command handler
Get_External_Ident = True

Am I mistaken for the way it works ?
How can I achieve this properly ?
(What is the purpose if the IDNT comand handler ?)

Thanks for your feedback
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